With the principle “Cleaning Products for Public Health”, for the past 20 years, the founders of PTEXIM CORPORATION have been striving to provide the international agriculture market with quality, safe and satisfying for consumers around the world. Proud to be a South East Asian country with long history and potential for strong agricultural development, PTEXIM products are rigorously selected from well-known indigenous ingredients and process by experienced engineers and closed processing line.
We understand and persevere in pursue the goal of quality products, professional services and brand reputation as the foundation for sustainable development for businesses with all responsibilities and passion.

Our factories
Our factory will be one of most advance processing line and applying BRC, ISO, HACCP, GMP, SEDEX standards in all stages of processing, storage and preservation.
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We always remember that “Business is our mission, not about our benefits”. The most thing PTEXIM cares is the benefit of customers, partners, consumers, shareholders, employees, and social responsibility. Therefore, we never stop to create the optimal values for our products in a different way.

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Vietnam is the leading pepper exporting country. The unique geographic location and distinctive soil properties have made the Vietnamese pepper’s top-class qualities. Currently, PTEXIM provides all kinds of pepper dependings on demands and criteria of customers and consumers.
To be known as an indispensable spice for delicious, full-flavored dishes. At PTEXIM, we select the best quality cinnamon products according to a strict and rigorous process.
To be known as "the queen of spices", the dishes flavored by star anise are always ready to conquer fastidious customers. This is one of the PTEXIM’s strenghts.
Not only helps us to deodorant fishy and creating an attractive natural yellow color for foods, turmeric is also a valuable medicine for our health. Turmeric products distributed by PTEXIM have received a lot of positive feedbacks from partners and customers.
To be known as popular spice with an ancient history .The ginger’s strong aroma and pungency are contributed to create a colorful culinary symphony. Up to now, PTEXIM is proud to be this product’s prestigious supplier.
Produced by a modern process from Europe with experienced staffs and strict managements , PTEXIM is one of the leading companies in Vietnam offering a wide of premium bottled spices by the international standards: ISO, HACCP, USDA, Halal, Kosher, FDA ..
Almonds, walnuts, pecans, cashews, chestnuts ... are precious sources of nutrients, fibers, proteins and healthy fats which are good for health and beauty. PTEXIM made our differences by providing a plenty of products with high qualities, reasonable prices and professional services.