With the principle “Cleaning Products for Public Health”, for the past 20 years, the founders of PTEXIM CORPORATION have been striving to provide the international agriculture market with quality, safe and satisfying for consumers around the world. Proud to be a South East Asian country with long history and potential for strong agricultural development, PTEXIM products are rigorously selected from well-known indigenous ingredients and process by experienced engineers and closed processing line.

We understand and persevere in pursue the goal of quality products, professional services and brand reputation as the foundation for sustainable development for businesses with all responsibilities and passion.


Not only becoming a leading importer and exporter but also a leading producer and distributor of agricultural products about scale production and efficiency, contributing to Vietnamese brands in the international market. With a philosophy of respecting and preserving of the natural, PTEXIM is committed to providing pure and healthy products. We are constantly exploring and applying advanced technology solutions, development of a clean – planting material production to bring the best products.


PTEXIM is committed to providing international quality products at competitive prices, for public health with its own prestige and responsibility for the people and society.

Core values

  • Profession
  • Honest
  • Respect
  • Compliance
  • Morality
  • Community

Business philosophy

Business Philosophy